Join #PledgeForMyHeart

Join #PledgeForMyHeart

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Quit playing games with your heart and pledge for it instead! Join us on May 7th for the National Day of Action to get heart healthy and increase awareness about the dangers of high blood pressure.

Join #PledgeForMyHeart by following this 3-step process!


For one week, from May 7 until May 13, you’ll get daily motivation tips in the Health Mate app to help you fulfill one of the 5 following pledges:

  1. Activity: Walk 10,000+ steps each day
  2. Heart: Measure your blood pressure everyday
  3. Stress: Meditate, practice yoga, journal, or take the #PositivelyHealthy challenge
  4. Sleep: Sleep for 7-9 hours each night
  5. Food: Do not add salt to your food or consume alcohol

To learn more about Withings’ actions for BP Month, click here.

Angela Chieh

Data & Studies Product Manager at Nokia, Angela believes in a world where data-driven decisions and creativity both have their place. Besides playing with data, she enjoys seeing the steps counter of her tracker increase and looking for the best Sunday brunch spots.
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