Introducing Body Cardio

Introducing Body Cardio

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Exclusive heart health metrics. Expanded body composition. Get to know the world's most advanced connected scale.

Meet the latest Withings innovation, Body Cardio, a revolutionary connected scale that goes far beyond weight, offering a full understanding of your body composition and heart health.

In addition to providing a highly accurate weight measurement, Body Cardio measures key body composition metrics: body fat and body water percentages plus muscle and bone mass.

To assess your cardiovascular health, Body Cardio also detects heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity, a medically-accepted indicator of hypertension or arterial stiffness.

Thanks to all-new sensors, Body Cardio can detect when blood is pumped from your heart, and it measures the rate at which pulse waves move along your arteries. The stiffer your arteries, the more quickly blood moves through your body. Conversely, a low pulse wave velocity indicates more flexible arteries and lower blood pressure.

The good news is, once you have a window into your cardiovascular health, you can improve your pulse wave velocity readings in a relatively short amount of time by making small changes to your diet and exercise routine.

To learn more about how you can know your body and take control, watch the video:


Rachel Glum

Rachel is a copywriter and a fitness enthusiast who enjoys long-distance running, yoga, and strength training. When she isn't editing or exercising, you can find her singing a cappella or cooking healthy vegan meals in her new apartment kitchen.
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