Hair Coach

Hair Coach

The future of hair care

Advanced technology. Seamless design. Personalized advice.

Experience the world’s first smart hairbrush that empowers you to track and improve hair health over time. This product results from a collaboration between Kérastase and L’Oréal, who bring worldwide hair expertise, and Nokia, which brings state of the art sensors and app connectivity to everyday products. The resulting innovation is a brush that syncs seamlessly to your smartphone to provide valuable insights that can help revolutionize the home beauty routine.

Nokia Hair Brush Nokia Hair Brush

Hair health analysis


Follow hair elasticity and learn how to avoid dry hair


Measure cuticle damage to help ensure moisture retention


Optimize sebum distribution and avoid tangles


Optimize sebum distribution and avoid tangles

Nokia Hair Brush

Brushing experience

Force & rhythm

Get insight into how to avoid damaging hair

Gesture analysis

Understand and improve brushing habits

Stroke count

Detailed information on how use impacts hair quality

Nokia - Hair Coach Nokia - Hair Coach

All you have to do is brush your hair — Hair Coach does the rest

Designed for optimal care and ease of use

With a sleek, lightweight handle and a high density of professional-grade boar & nylon bristles, Hair Coach provides an ideal brushing experience while taking the best possible care of your hair.

Seamless synchronization with the app

The brush detects when it is being used and begins data collection automatically. As soon as you complete your brushing session, all data will be sent automatically to your phone via Bluetooth® Low Energy or Wi-Fi.

A complete hair diagnosis without leaving home

Nokia - Hair Coach instant assessment

Get an instant assessment of your hair health daily

Nokia - Hair Coach personalized care routine

Create a personalized care routine and get curated tips from Kérastase

Nokia - Hair Coach follow your hair health

Follow your hair health progress over time

Available Fall 2017

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