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HD Home Monitoring Camera

Your home's eyes,
ears and knows.

Be home from anywhere

With its ability to stream HD video and facilitate family interactions, Nokia Home is the most comprehensive house monitoring solution.

Nokia Steel Health Mate 3 weight

Set up an ingenious home monitoring system in seconds

Smart HD camera

  • 5Mpx, 1080p
  • x12 zoom
  • Night vision

Live stream on your smartphone

  • Stream via Wifi or 3G/4G
  • Event tracking
  • Customizable alerts

Video recording

  • Events recorder
  • 48h timelapse
  • Premium plan : Up to 30 days video

Keep track of the usual, be alerted to the unusual

Home features advanced tracking to detect noise and motion, and the ability to alert you only when necessary.

How it works
Health Mate 3 timeline
Nokia Home

Never miss a special moment

Travel through time and see what’s happening and what happened up to 30 days ago.

  • Live Streaming and Smart alerts

  • Last few hours Timeline of events

  • Last 48 hours Timelapse animations

  • Up to 30 days Watch, download & share HD videos

Home has what other baby monitors don’t

  • Nokia Home

    Baby monitoring mode & push-to-talk

    Instant audio and motion alerts right to your smartphone even on lock screen. Plus enjoy live two-way talk at any time.

    Nokia Home - Baby monitoring mode
  • Nokia Home

    Your baby in high-definition, day or night

    Connect in HD video of your baby’s room day or night thanks to a 135° wide angle lens and high-quality night vision.

    Nokia Home - day and night
  • Nokia Home

    Lulla Light & Music programs

    Control music paired with customized LED light sequences to entertain and soothe your baby, especially when used as part of a bedtime routine.

    Nokia Home - Lulla light
  • The safest environment

    Diapers, detergents or lack of aeration: Home tracks and notifies you if it senses dangerous levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

    Nokia Home - Baby air quality

Home also protects against invisible hazards

Air quality sensors give real-time feedback to help you build a healthier environment

Nokia Home keeps watch over indoor air pollution, which is invisible and can be ten times higher than outdoor air pollution. An easy-to-understand graph, available in the app, shows you past and current levels of Volatile Organic Compounds. If they reach unhealthy levels, Home blinks red and sends a notification. With this data at hand, you are able to make timely decisions, like opening the windows when using cleaning products or after assembling a piece of pressed-wood furniture.

Your data as safe as in a bank vault

Our engineers take security seriously. Nokia Home uses bank level technologies such as AES-256 and secure HTTP (HTTPS) to protect your data at the device, cloud and app level so that all your data is stored safely.

Product details


Video & Air Quality Monitor

Compatible with iOS & Android

- HD video & night vision: Connect in HD to your home on your phone, from anywhere

- Smart alerts: Get notifications when an event is detected (noise and movement)

- 24/7 security: 48 hour time-lapse, 2-day diary of events & continuous recording options

- Air Quality: Monitor indoor air quality & be notified of pollution spikes

- Baby monitor mode: Hear and watch your baby even on the lock screen, talk to them, or entertain them with light & sound programs

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity
  • Device
  • Privacy
  • In the box
iOS compatibility (iOS 8 and higher)

iPhone 4S and mode recent
iPod touch 5th generation and more recent
iPad 3rd generation and more recent

Android compatibility (5.0 and higher)

Requires Internet access (mobile data or Wi-Fi)


WiFi 2x2 MIMO 2,4GHz


Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s


Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)


5 MegaPixel CMOS Sensor
Encoding up to 1080p30
135° (diagonal) field of view - no fish eye
Night vision with IR mechanical filter


Air Quality (Volatile Organic Compound)
Triple axis accelerometer
Ambient light sensor


2 digital microphones
High quality 2W speaker


2Power supply via micro USB 5V 2A
Power local adaptors included

Cloud Rec Service

With a subscription


Height: 3.43 inches (87mm)
Width: 2.95 inches (75mm)
Depth: 2.95 inches (75mm)
Weight: 0.226 kg/0.498 lb

Operating environment

Temperature: 10°C - 40°C (50°F - 104°F)
Humidity: Between 15% and 95%

Storage conditions

Temperature: -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
Humidity: Between 15% and 95%


Communication via Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
h5LS end-to-end encryption.


Home was designed for a personal indoor domestic use. Be aware that local laws and regulations may restrict the use of your Home. To protect privacy, please avoid installing your Home overlooking the street or your neighbours' property. We also advise you to inform your family, relatives and home employees, if any, that you have installed a camera on your premises.

Nokia Home

Table stand

Power supply

Micro USB power supply 5v 2A

Installation guide


Free Health Mate app

To track up to 5 dimensions of your health - Activity, Sleep, Weight, Heart, Environment

Free Nokia Home cam account

To securely store your video stream and make it readily available

"Incredible technology. (...) just a beautiful and modern way to keep track of your home."


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