Pulse Wave Velocity

A revolutionary way to assess heart health

Pulse Wave Velocity readings are impacted by blood pressure, cholesterol, and lifestyle factors, all of which have a significant effect on cardiovascular health. This is why Pulse Wave Velocity is the only stand-alone measurement that is able to give you a holistic picture of your cardiovascular health and your potential risk of having or developing hypertension.

What is Pulse Wave

Pulse Wave Velocity is the propagation speed of the pressure wave along the arterial tree. This pressure wave along the arterial tree is caused by heartbeats, which induce blood volume changes in the vessels that expand and contract in response to these blood pressure changes. Pulse Wave Velocity is linked to the elasticity of the aorta arterial wall, and is considered the gold standard in measuring arterial stiffness.

Not Optimal

High speed indicates high blood pressure and stiff arteries.


Low blood pressure and soft arteries result in low speed waves

From the doctor's office to your bedroom

Pulse Wave Velocity is usually measured between the carotid and the femoral artery using a Sphygmometer and applanation tonometry. However, this device requires a well-trained operator and is only suitable in a medical setting. Nokia has developed a new scale to measure Pulse Wave Velocity quickly and easily at home to ensure the general public has access to this important measurement.

How does Body Cardio measure Pulse Wave Velocity?

Body Cardio measures the time difference between blood ejection by the heart in the aorta and the arrival of the blood flow in the feet. The time it takes for the pressure wave to travel along the arterial tree is called the Pulse Transit Time. This is how Nokia computes Pulse Wave Velocity.

Anyone can lower Pulse Wave Velocity

The good news it that you can decrease your Pulse Wave Velocity with healthy lifestyle changes. If your are overweight or obese, losing weight can have a tremendous impact. Engaging in physical exercise and limiting salt and alcohol intake may also help to decrease your Pulse Wave Velocity. Additionally managing stress can help you avoid elevated heart rate and blood pressure readings that can hurt your arteries over the long term.

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